Purchasing a rug is an investment; therefore, ensuring it remains clean is fundamental for its life span. It can be a room together and improve its comfort and aesthetics. If you own a handwoven rug, the stakes are ultimately higher.


Don't underestimate the value of clean rugs in maintaining a healthy environment. Cleaning a handmade rug isn't tricky, and the benefits make it well worth the effort.

How Often Should Handwoven Rugs Be Cleaned?


Cleaning frequency is essential when taking care of your rug. A frequency that is too low will cause dirt to accumulate. If the frequency is too high, it can wear out the fibres. A middle ground is required, but it is not the only factor to consider. Dirt, grime, and muck stick to hand-knotted rugs like glue.


Overall, you should keep a moderate frequency of cleaning while also cleaning before the rug appears to require one. For example, a handmade rug in a typical household requires light cleaning (vacuuming) at least once every week.


Regarding professional rug cleaning, the metrics are generally identical, but the frequency of cleaning differs. At least once a year, rug owners should have their types of rugs checked by experienced handmade rug cleaners. Their cleaning methods and experience truly bring your rug back to life.

Why Is It Important To Clean Them Regularly?


It's crucial to have your handmade rugs cleaned regularly. The frequency with which you should clean them is determined by the room in which the rug is located. For example, a professional cleaner should clean the ones in your entryway, lounge, and dining room once a year. You should clean every 1-3 years those bedrooms and guest rooms. If anyone in your household suffers from allergies, having them and other furnishings cleaned more frequently is a good idea.


Cleaning them regularly provides numerous advantages. It can improve the interior air quality of the property while also benefiting the health of the individuals who live there. In addition, cleaning them regularly might help them last a long time.


Dirt from the outside and inside surroundings collects on the pile, which is more profound into the foundation over time, exposing the knots. Ordinary vacuuming cannot remove this filth from the rug's basis. This dirt forms a layer deep within the pile, which becomes harder and more challenging to remove with regular residential vacuuming over time.


The abrasive dry earth that makes its way into the pile acts like a knife, cutting the fibres and causing wear and tear and traffic marks. The regions where you walk the most are known as traffic marks, and these wear areas and traffic zones might become dangerous. All this action on it can potentially harm the wool fibres. You should clean your rug to give it new life and help prevent wear and tear.


Professional cleaning is always preferred over store-bought or rented cleaning machines. Some carpet cleaners have never cleaned a handmade rug before. As a result, it is easy for inexperienced cleaners to damage it. Before you get your rug cleaned, you should seek the advice of a professional handmade rug washer.

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September 26, 2022 — Najaf Mazari